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8th National Facial Plastic Surgery Courses to be held between July 19th to 23rd 2020. Applications are being accepted.

Please Note : This course is not a replacement for formal training in Facial plastic surgery.
We do not provide any fellowship or diploma certificate after training on Cadavers.

Welcome to the 7th

National Facial Plastic Surgery Course

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is a relatively new specialty in the Indian subcontinent with Suitable contributions by Plastic surgeons, Otolaryngologists, Ophthalmologists, Maxillofacial surgeons and Dermatologists in an orchestrated fashion. Facial Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery India Trust ( FRCSI® ) would like to Invite surgeons interested in the science and art of Facial cosmesis to partake in this Unique Course which comprehensively creates a foundation for further clinical expertise in Facial plastic surgery.

The course has been designed to suit the Daily needs of a facial Aesthetician and focuses more on Practical hands on experience rather than Oft Repeated theory Lectures.The Course has been designed into three modules.Module 1(Sep 2nd) covers soft tissue rejuvenation and boney skeletal fracture fixation, while the Module 2( Sep 3rd-5th) delves in depth onto the various Facial aesthetic surgeries.The Module 3(Sep 6th) trains the participants in Robotic Hands on surgeries.

All this has been planned into 4 and half days to Give you the best possible exposure to Renowned International and National faculty from all disciplines and various Schools of Thought.We Sincerely believe in helping you gain Insights into the dynamic Concepts of facial beautification surgery.




Days Event




Participants Interested

Programme Schedule

The program will have 3 modules

Module 1

Covers Soft Tissue Rejuvenation and bony skeletal fracture fixation

Module 2

Delves in depth into the finer aspects of facial plastic surgery.

Module 3

Trains the participants for Robotic Hands on surgery.

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Module 01 full schedule

2nd Sep, 2019 from 08:00am - 10:00pm at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

08:00 am - Registration

08:00 am - LECTURE/ LIVE Practical decision making in midface, lower face and neck

08:30 am - Instrumentation and Occlusion /IMF

09:00 am - Condyle and subcondylar fractures

10:00 am - HANDS ON

10:30 am - Ramus and body fracture

11:00 am - Symphysis and parasymphysis fracture

11:15 am - HANDS ON / TEA BREAK

12:00 pm - Tripod fracture and Zygoma Closed and Open reduction

12:15 pm - Lefort and Maxilla

12:45 pm - Periorbital Fractures

01:15 pm - HANDS ON

02:00 pm - LUNCH

02:30 pm - Facial Botox sites and dosage-live demo

03:00 pm - Facial Fillers - sites and techniques-live demo

03:30 pm - Microneedling R F and Dermabrasion - Technique

04:00 pm - Laser-Fractional Resurfacing - Live demo

04:30 pm - Laser Hair removal - Live demo

05:00 pm - Chemical peels - Technique


06:00 pm - Course over view and plan

06:15 pm - Relevant anatomy of facial soft tissue - all regions

06:45 pm – What is facial plastic surgery

07:30 pm - Beauty of face – are we missing it for the nose

08:00 pm - Who is the market – understanding today’s aesthetic patient

08:20 pm - Marketing and reputation management

08:30 pm - COURSE DINNER

Module 02 full schedule

3rd Sep to 5th Sep, 2019 from 08:00am - 06:00pm at MSRALC

08:00 am - Analysis of upper ageing face

08:15 am - Practical decision making in midface, lower face and neck

09:00 am - Demo- Anatomy of eyelid with plasticine.( kits will be provided- for later practise)

09:15 am - Endo brow lift and Coronal Brow lift

09:45 am - Lateral brow lift

10:00 am - Direct brow lift

10:15 am - HANDS ON

11:00 am - Upper blepharoplasty and asian blepharoplasty

11:15 am - HANDS ON / TEA BREAK

11:45 am - Lower bleph Transcutaneous with canthopexy and OO flap

12:15 pm - HANDS ON

12:45 pm - Transconj

01:15 pm - LUNCH

02:00 pm - MACS lift – Demo plication too

02:30 pm - HANDS ON

03:00 pm - Platysmaplasty

03:30 pm - HANDS ON

04:00 pm - Deep plane

04:30 pm - HANDS ON

05:00 pm - MIDface lift

05:15 pm - Facial liposuction - and transfer

05:30 pm - HANDS ON

06:00 pm - Consent and Documentation in Facial Plastic Surgery


08:00 am - LECTURE - Patient selection for rhino

08:30 am - LECTURE - nasal evaluation and surgical goals


09:15 am - Approaches for rhinoplasty

09:30 am - Hump reduction, conchal harvest

10:00 am - Osteotomy

10:30 am - HANDS ON / TEA BREAK

11:30 am - Spreader graft, autospreader flap

12:00 pm - Costal harvest(Demo only) ,Septal reconstruction

12:30 pm - HANDS ON

01:00 pm - LUNCH

01:30 pm - Lower third – Tip modifying techniques – sutures, grafts , angles,projection,rotation

02:00 pm - Alar surgeries-rim grafts ,lateral crural malposition

02:30 pm - Alar base reduction

02:45 pm - HANDS ON

03:30 pm - Pinnaplasty – Mustarde and anterior scoring

04:00 pm - Microtia framework designing - Demo only

04:30 pm - HANDS ON

05:00 pm - Conchal harvest and Saddle nose correction

05:15 pm - 5:30 pm - What is in a name

06:30 pm - Banquet - (Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel)

06:30 pm - Indian Art and culture Concert

07:30 pm - 07:50 pm - The journey So far - FRCSI

07:50 pm - 08:00 pm - International FPS surgeon

08:00 pm - 09:00 pm - Presentation of the Dr A Mahadevaiah Presidential Oration,Felicitation Ceremony


08:30 am - Basic suturing techniques/Advancement Flap

09:00 am - GBLS and rhomboid flap

09:30 am - Rotation Flap

09:45 am - HANDS ON

10:30 am - Facial paralysis- 5-7 transfer

11:00 am - Bilobed Flap

11:30 am - Z-Plasty,glabellar rotation flap

12:00 pm - HANDS ON

12:30 pm - Facial paralysis- gracilis harvest demo only

01:00 pm - LUNCH


02:00 pm - Endoscopic Sural nerve harvest and baby sitter procedure Demo only

02:30 pm - Nasolabial flap

02:45 pm - Facial Implants for facial contour improvement

03:00 pm - Paramedian flap

03:30 pm - Facial palsy -Temporalis lengthening myoplasty- Labbe Tech

04:00 pm - HANDS ON

05:00 pm - LECTURE Cleft lip and palate

05:30 pm - LECTURE Understanding Craniofacial Surgery

Module 03 full schedule

6th Sep, 2019 from 08:00am - 06:00pm at MSRALC

09:00 am to 01:00 pm Robotic surgery

Experienced & Passionate Faculty

Bringing together for you, the experience of our star studded line-up

Facial Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery India


Facial Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery India Trust has been formed with the intention of developing and promoting the subspecialty of facial plastic surgery in India. Membership is open to all otolaryngologists, Plastic surgeons, Otolaryngologists, Ophthalmologists, Doubly qualified Maxillofacial surgeons and Dermatosurgeons in India and Asia.


Programme Overview

To ensure one on one exclusive training, we have only 20 Dissector positions,20 observer posts and 10 delegate positions. Kindly register in advance.

The course is sought after for its comprehensive coverage of all topics under one roof and for the knowledgeable faculty from various countries. Hence the course gets filled early. kindly send your biodata early to avoid disappointments.

All communications are through email notifications from the FRCSI office on Personal communications to Ms Asha (9611250303) for any clarifications may be directed between 10 am – 6 pm. We have partnered with 5 star hotels for your accomodation needs, who shall offer special rates to participants of the National facial plastic surgery course and is also very close to the MSRALC. You can contact Ms.Asha for the accomodation booking and any help with transport arrangements.

Hands on training shall be provided on a stored cadaver (MSRALC) alloted to you, fresh frozen cadavers with special embalming techniques have been utilised to make the cadavers suitable for skin and soft tissue dissection.

A set of basic facial plastic surgery instruments shall be handed over to the dissectors for their personal usage ,which are included in the registration fees.

A Brief Course material encompassing all the techniques shall be handed over to the dissectors at the start of the course and also shared with them via Email prior to attending the course, so that they can come prepared for the same Dissectors will be supported to help develop the subspeciality in their respective cities and states.

The dissectors shall also benefit from continued personal guidance and monitoring in order to develop their facial plastic surgery practice by the international faculty for next 1 year.

A log book maintenance is desirable following the course for future validation and fellowship training and international accreditation.

We as a group are renting out the facility to train future facial plastic surgeons and hence the quality of the cadaver depends upon the best available cadavers with MSRALC

They will be entitled to become honorary members of the FRCSI trust and receive all the benefits of the same.

The observers shall be allotted along with a dissector and stand to gain from the expert panel at a close proximity.

Each observer has the additional advantage of assisting the dissector on the allotted table and learning in the process.

A Brief Course material encompassing all the techniques shall be handed over to the observers at the start of the course and also shared with them via Email prior to attending the course, so that they can come prepared for the same.

Certification as observer will be provided at the end of the course. The observers will be given preference over others to become dissectors in future courses if any.

Delegates shall be attending the course as audience in the seminar hall. The live proceedings of the dissection shall be transmitted to the hall at all times with 2 way communication at all times.

The delegates can register their names for the course on a first come first serve basis. Since there are limited numbers of audience seats, the course is expected to get filled early.

A Brief Course material encompassing all the techniques shall be handed over to the delegates at the start of the course and also shared with them via Email prior to attending the course, so that they can come prepared for the same.

Certification as delegate shall be provided at the end of the course.

Seats are filling up quick, Register now to book your seat.

Pricing & Registration

Course will be held in 3 parts

  • 1. Module 1 - Sep 2nd
  • 2. Module 2 – Sep 3rd to 5th
  • 3. Module 3 – Sep 6th, half-day

Registration for Module 1 Only

  • Dissector:

    ₹ 25,000

  • Observer:

    ₹ 12,500

  • Delegate:

    Not Available

Registration for Module 2 Only

  • Dissector:

    ₹ 80,000

  • Observer:

    ₹ 30,000

  • Delegate:

    ₹ 9,000

Combo Registration for both Modules

  • Dissector:

    ₹ 95,000

  • Observer:

    ₹ 35,000

  • Delegate:

    Not Available

Participants who register for the Bangalore Facial Plastic Surgery course are automatically eligible to register for the Robotics Hands on training program at a cost of ₹7000 only, this training also includes an online certification program.

Register Now !

Early Bird Offer !

Till May 30th, 2019

Early bird prices for first 10 Dissectors only
Module 1: ₹ 20000
Module 2: ₹ 75000
Combined: ₹ 90000


Stalls from our previous event

Stalls are slots for companies in the industry to display their products or innovations.


M S Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center,
Mathikere Main Road,
M S Ramaiah Nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka


9611250303 – Asha
(Between 10:00 am to 6.00 pm and Available on whatsapp at any time)


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